About us

In fact, we began with Sphynxes by chance.We never were involved in cats, our love always was dogs. Once my mother watched movie on the video, and she called me to see : after flight to the cosmos Persian cat transformed to a very strange, extremely bald creature.But this strange creature surely was a cat! We began to search and check, and found that such a breed really exists and its name is Sphynx. We found as well we have no Sphynx cats in Israel (at least, not registered).

Liuba was fascinated by this breed,and soon after she saw her first Sphynx on TV, we imported first Sphynx cat to Israel.Her name was Grand Oray Zena, and it was on the beginning of April, 1999. Because she was only one from this breed in Israel, we were asked to show her as much, as possible, and very fast we were involved in the cat show world.And after this we wanted to be involved in world of breeding, too.

I begun with Yorkies at the same time, so we decided to register one name both for Sphynx (breeder Liuba Vilenchik) and for Yorkies (Yanina Vilenchik). This is mother - daughter team, we support each other and help each other in everything, althought we work with very different breeds.
Cattery name "Kochav Ha-Carmel" was registered on 1999 both at FIFe& WCF. But for quite long we were WCF Club members, and only on 2005 we moved to FIFe. Liuba shows her cats a lot, and they won lots of titles& prizes in Israel and Europe, with both systems.

On 2006 we finally moved to our own house at Hadera, and now our cats can enjoy higher life level - they have an outside run to go out, and lots of space to run at home.

We want to thank all our friends& our kitten owners, who helped and continue to help us - we couldn't move forward without you!

Our very special thanks to Esther Sandbergen& Klara Zeltzer - you are much more, than just a friends!

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