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Kochav Ha-Carmel

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The Sphynx cat blog

Nosy Parker's Sphynx, Netherlands.

By Design Sphynx, Netherlands. Home of Kochav Ha-Carmel Glamorous Blue Design

Angelbald Sphynx, Belgium - home of Kochav Ha-Carmel Keep Dreaming about Love

Voila v.Anubis, Belgium. Home of Kochav Ha-Carmel That's My Style

Handaro's Sphynx and Devon Rex, Netherlands

Honeymoon Sphynx, Finland

Diva's Sphynx, Persians and Exotics, South Africa

Uut Uune Sphynx and Devon Rex, Netherlands

All Hairless cattery - Sphynx in Sweden

Angelfire Sphynx, USA

Barenaked Sphynx, USA

Sphynx and Rex Association - SARA, Netherlands

MAR-SAL Cornish Rex, Oriental Shorthair & Sphynx,USA

Miracle Love Sphynx, Germany

Sphynxes Feisa and Ollie from Germany

Craigwood Sphynx, England

Valmegat Sphynx,Spain

La Vallee des anges Sphynx, Belgium

Al-Nakeed Sphynx, Scotland

My Pearl Sphynx cattery, Russia